Petland Charities Topeka & Williams Magnet Story

Petland Charities understands how important it is to build strong relationships with our communities. Petland’s Topeka store partners with Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School to help educate future scientists and leaders.

Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School’s experiential learning labs provide unprecedented learning opportunities on the science behind environmental topics including deserts, greenhouses, rainforests and space.

Petland Topeka uses its expertise to help over 600 students from preschool through fifth grade learn about the science of caring for animals.

For three years, Petland Topeka has been partnering with Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet school to ensure students take a hands-on approach to learn what it is like to care for animals.

Petland Topeka visits Williams Magnet monthly to perform health and wellness checks on their animals. They ensure the desert and rainforest animals show good health and advise students on proper care for animals and their homes. Petland Topeka also provides extensive training to staff and students interested in learning more.

As a result of Petland Topeka’s partnership, the students at Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School have gained a greater appreciation for nature’s creatures and the role that people play in taking care of them. Petland Topeka has also piqued the students’ curiosity about future careers in the sciences -environmental and animal.

We are building a healthier and happier world for pets

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